Monique Nelsen
Writer and creator of Tubby Works

When I was a little girl, my brother nicknamed me “Tubby.” I knew this was said as an endearment, so it didn’t bother me. Growing up I knew my family was different, but I was always comfortable being me. When you are the youngest of thirteen children and the last of ten girls, I guess you end up being a tough kid. I like to find the positive in most situations and the humor in almost everything. I decided to write and do projects under the name “Tubby Works.”

I am primarily a poet and have been a creative writer since I could hold a pencil. It wasn’t until I had my two boys that I started writing children’s stories. Settling in and reading a book was our every night ritual. I felt that too many of the books underestimated our children’s intelligence, especially from birth to six years. My stories are “read to me” books that challenge as well as entertain young children.

I will always love the world of magic and adventure, looking for treasure, chasing kites and riding broomsticks. I hope you enjoy all my future work!